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Your organization would strive to strike a balance between accumulating capital earned from business operations and building provisions to pay off the expected benefit payments accruing to employees in their productive lifetime. A right structured choice can give your organization the financial edge it needs to recruit and retain the best talent, while helping employees build the savings they need to retire with. In the area of employee benefits, we do the following:

Valuation of employee benefits and retirement plans:

Performing statutory valuations (AS15 actuarial valuation, IAS19, US GAAP and other International Accounting Standards) of your organization's employee benefit schemes so that you stay in compliance with the regulatory standards and manage to plan for the future intelligently.

The main defined benefit plans that encompass our valuation services are:

  • Gratuity actuarial valuation
  • Defined Benefit Pension Plans valuation
  • Actuarial valuation of Leave Encashment (Privilege/earned/sick/others)
  • Leave Availment valuation (Privilege/earned/sick/others)
  • Long Service awards valuation
  • Provident Fund valuation (in case of employer managed trusts)
  • Deferred Bonus/Benefits valuation
  • Post-Retirement Medical Benefit Schemes (PRMBS)
  • Any other like Warranty Cost/Rewards points accumulation etc.

We follow industry standard employee benefits valuation metrics which help an organization manage future expectations with preparation. We help you seamlessly manage the permutations and combinations that affect your future. We provide actuarial valuation of gratuity and other valuations so that you are able to fulfil the responsibilities of employee-employee relationship within the regulatory framework. We work within the parameters of the law to create perfect conditions that helps you manage employee expectations with ease.

Developing funding and investment strategies:

Reducing investment risk exposure and pro-actively managing scheme funding are key priorities of the sponsors of defined benefit pension schemes. Having an in-depth understanding of how scheme assets and liabilities perform under a range of market conditions and predicting economic scenarios around an investment is essential part for the risk management process.

A single point strategy might not fit all the requirements. Primary considerations involve knowing what market conditions make a given strategy appropriate, when strategies need to be reviewed and/or revised, and how robust a single strategy can be in reaching desired outcome. KPAC, a consultingactuary firm,with its domain expertise helps you quantify and understand the key risk drivers and their impact on scheme funding as well as manage the interaction between funding and investment strategies.

Designing of employee benefit schemes:

KPAC is an actuarial consultancy firm that also assists you in structuring and restructuring of employee benefit schemes within the ambit of local markets, tax and legal restrictionsand align themto your human resource and financial needs.

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